First Fedora Experience

This here is my first blog post about my experience so far during my Graphic Design internship with the Fedora Engineering Team. Being only on Day #4, much of my work has been related to familiarizing myself with the company’s procedures, policies, and ways of functioning. But (because there’s always a but), the designing that I’ve done so far has reminded me of exactly why I was so passionate about getting this opportunity; because I absolutely LOVE what I do! Isn’t that what everyone wants? To spend time doing what they love (in my case designing)? I’m so truly looking forward to what is to come in learning about open source design applications like Inkscape and Gimp, as it will be something new to add into my “Designer’s Toolbox” as additional resources beyond their Adobe counterparts.

So, here’s to trying something new and to embracing challenges 🙂


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