Getting Familiar with the Unfamiliar

Ah yes, here we are at the end of week two of my Graphic Design internship. This week has been great, as I’ve gotten to get to dive into the real “meat” of what I do best; design! I am in the process of working on a number of different design projects, ranging from Fedora Badges (these are just so fun to work on; take a look at some badge design tickets at, to logos, and most recently an logic model, which is something new to me.

Having only been with the Fedora Engineering Team for a week, there are definitely things that are unfamiliar to me throughout both the design process and the general ways of functioning within the company; Wikis and other similar forums have come in quite handy! However, getting comfortable with some of the open-source design programs (Inkscape for the most part so far) has been really interesting, coming from an avid Adobe Creative Suite user. Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve been compiling a list of articles, blogs, and YouTube tutorials that have helped me open up the closed-source box that I’m comfortable in (See what I did there? A little open-source humor :} ) Anyway; take a look at some of these links, and give the programs a try! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the level of functionality with Inkscape.

I’ll have more to come soon 🙂


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