Fedora Flock 2016

I’ve been working on a shirt design for this year’s Fedora Flock in Krakow, Poland and figured that I’d share what I’ve put together! I’m also including some of my earlier attempts at the design as well to show my thought process as well. Ps. for those who may not be familiar with landmarks and iconic images of Krakow (and yes, I too am one of you too… much research was needed!) here’s a list of some of the imagery that I tied to incorporate in the designs.

  1. the symbol of Kraków is the Wawel dragon
  2. Wawel Castle is a significant landmark
  3. the Kościół Mariacki on the main square is distinctive because it features a pair of towers of uneven height.
  4. significant pattern used for decorating in Poland called”strój krakowski.”

Previous designs (before the final)

Screenshot from 2016-06-23 14-33-09

And here we have, what I am considering to be, the final design!

flock shirt_ design #1.5.5_ basic colors


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