Feeling the Flock Spirit

Okay, so to anyone who has been following my posts, you might remember my last post being Flock-related. BUT, this is something different, I promise! Since designing the t-shirt for Flock 2016, I’ve taken on a number of other design tasks, as the conference is now less than a month away! The shirt design was, undoubtably, the most involved because of the amount of “from-scratch” vector drawing involved, but what I didn’t realize at the time was how much of the design would be universally useful in the conference lanyard and conference signage.

While I did not do the actual design for the lanyard, a colleague used my floral drawing in her design. Most recently I’ve been working away on different signs for Flock 2016, such as workshop room signs and QR code posters for attendees to scan at one of the Flock parties to receive their well-earned “Flock Party Badge” (also designed by yours truly). So, here’s a little bit of a progression of how one design can be incorporated into multiple different ones.

1.) Floral Pattern

floral motif_orginal colors

2.) Flock 2016 Shirt Design

final shirt front

3.) Conference Signage

flock sign_openQA_3

flock sign_registration_2


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