Fedora Badges & Creative Freedom

During my first week of this internship, the first design that I tackled was one of the famed “Fedora Badges” and now about seven weeks in, they are one of my favorite things to design. Since my first badge design, I’ve worked on quite a few badges and badge-related designs (and received a few badges along the way *mini happy dance* which was pretty cool too!).

These badges really are, at least for me, a great test of my ability to design and of my general creativity. With the badges being small in size (typically 5opxX50px) and needing to convey a strong message while still keeping true to the Fedora style and spirit, badges can take a lot of though but I truly feel like designing them has strengthened my skill set. Having a happy medium between strict guidelines and complete creative liberty is a very comfortable place for me as a designer, and these badges fit that bill nicely πŸ™‚

So here’s a few of my favorite badges that I’ve designed throughout the weeks:

1.) “You Suggested a Flock 2016 Location”


2.) “You Attended the Flock 2016 Brewery & Boat Party!”

badge ticket #465_attempt 2.5

3.) “You Participated in Fedora 24 Internationalization Test Day” (this one is still in-progres)

badge ticket #446_attempt 1



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