Positive Responses to Fedora Designing

To many of the folks at the Westford, MA Red Hat location, hearing about last week’s Intern Expo might already be old news, but I wanted to share my experience about this event regardless! First off, let me just stress just how impressed and surprised I was with the amount of interest in design work done by the Fedora community. Being passionate about what I do here, sharing that passion with other people, of quite varying degrees of understanding of graphic design, is always great. As someone in the creatives, I am certainly in the minority in such an environment here, but my work seemed to still be equally well-received. Overall, the Expo was a great experience to be a part of! For those who may not have had the chance to stop by or would just like to see the work that I presented, here is a link to the website that I created as a portfolio presentation for the event.



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