F25 Wallpaper

Here are my rough designs so far for the Fedora 25 release wallpaper! Design inspiration? Archimedes; mathematician and inventor of the Achimedean screw. Note: none of these are the final design; they are just to give a sneak peak at the progress begin made by myself and the rest of the Design Team on this project

Designs Round 1:

I think that something along the lines of the fourth attempt might be the route to continue looking into the most. Looking forward to sharing the finished product down the road!


 Design Round 2:

For those of you who have been following the updates on this project, I think that I will just be updating my progress on this post and re-posting the link to this page to my Pagure thread once updates have been posted. With that said, I looked more into algorithmic art and fractals as inspiration and made use of some of the more quanitfiable tools in Inkscape (ex. % scale, degree rotate) instead of simply basing things off of the naked eye’s visual perception, making for, what I consider to be, cleaner and crisper designs. This approach is represented in Attempt 7. I also made use of the “Fractal Explorer” tool in GIMP (which for someone who’s working on a dual degree in Design and Math is absolute asethetic bliss) in combination with Inkscape’s “Trace Bitmap” function to create Attempts 5 and 6. Take a look!

Design Round 3:

One more option since yesterday!

wallpaper_natural spiral 5
Attempt 8



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