Reaching Beyond My Screen

I’ve been involved with Women’s Leadership Community (WLC) at Red Hat since starting my first internship last summer and about a week and a half ago (maybe two weeks ago) I heard about an opportunity that I just could not turn down. This opportunity came in the form of an outreach and mentoring-type program hosted at Boston University (BU) called the Artemis Project. The Artemis Project is coordinated by a group of four female undergraduate students studying computer science or engineering at BU to expose Boston-area 9th grade girls to the traditionally made-dominated fields referred to as STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

The folks at Artemis reached out to Red Hat in search for a couple of women willing to speak to the girls and I, having spoken about STEM initiatives for women and served as a coordinator for the I Hate Math: Women in STEM Conference at Southern New Hampshire University, immediately responded that I wanted to be involved! My friend, colleague, and fellow designer Laura Wright also volunteered to speak, so we decided to use this platform to draw connections between graphic design and computer science.

We just finished up speaking to about 20 of these girls about who we are, what we do, what Red Hat’s identity is, and how design and user experience tie into computer science. We ended our presentation with an interactive web-application UX/design activity to simulate something similar to what Laura or myself might do on a daily basis.

Below is the “style-guide”, smartphone template, and my sample app mockup for the *hopefully* fictitious burrito joint Boston Burrito Barn. 


We were very impressed with some of wireframes/ mockups that some of the girls came up with and presented to the group at the end of the workshop.

A really great experience to get to be involved in 🙂 #ArtemisProject #LadiesInSTEM #OpenSourceInTheCommunity

In the spirit of enthusiasm, Laura and I commemorated the day with a “we did it” selfie with our example mockup, which I didn’t realize until that I had held up backwards anyway… but the intention was there!

You can pretend that you see the app mockup

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